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Quality Lawn mowing involves a professional lawn care program. Our experienced team can keep your lawn in top condition. Your lawn requires a regular cut to maintain a healthy green growth all year and of course regular watering. Recommended a fortnightly cut in warmer months and three weekly cut in cooler months. 

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Regular lawn maintenance is essential to ensure a healthy and weed free lawn all year. Your lawn is a living organism and requires nutrients and water to be healthly, some soils do not provide all the required nutrients and that is where we can come in. Top dressing, aeration, fertilising, pest control.  

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Pests such as lawn grubs (African lawn beetle, Armyworm, Cutworm) can eat away at your lawns roots and cause unsightly brown and dead patches. If left untreated they can take over your lawn, this is where we come in and exterminate these pests. Another pest are weeds growing in the lawn damaging health lawn growth, we can also treat weeds. 

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