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Garden Maintenance

The presentation of a well maintained garden looks impressive and increases the value appeal of your property. We provide full service garden maintenance and soft landscaping, hedging, pruning, mulching,make overs and Pest management. 

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Regular trimming of hedges looks impressive and makes your property appealing. Trimming hedges assisting in the health of the plant and maintains a desired height. Other services pruning, plants, roses and fruit trees. Regular watering and fertilising is essential for health maintenance in addition to pruning.  

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Pests such as aphids, white fly, moths and beetles can eat away at your garden plant leaves and can cause unsightly damage. If left untreated they can take over your whole garden, this is where we come in and exterminate these pests. Another pest are weeds growing in the garden and can take over the garden, we can also treat weeds. 

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